Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Call on Thai government to stop Single Internet Gateway

The military government's plan to introduce a China-style Internet firewall to control the flow of online information

Internet cesorship is nothing new, Thailand has been known to block certain websites, including those containing pornography, but since the 2006 military coup, it has become more aggressive in its censorship practices, with new cybercrime laws and an updated Internal Security Act.

As Telecom Asia pointed out, “The continued existence of the single gateway project makes a total mockery of everything new ICT minister Uttama Savanayana said about turning Thailand into a data center hub for the region, and building better connectivity.”

On 30 June, General Prayuth’s cabinet ordered the ICT and justice ministries and the national police department to set up a single internet gateway.

Critics of the plan also express worry that re-routing all internet traffic through one single point would be susceptible to fault or failure and potentially prove disastrous to business interests were it to suffer disruption.

The online petition on calling on the government to abandon the proposal has received more than 100,000 signatures since it was created.

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